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Rev up your automotive success with Merit


Your strategic partner for automotive industry data services. 
Turbocharge automotive intelligence for an AI-ready world.

Collecting Automotive Data

Collate precise vehicle data from hundreds of websites, car configurators and PDF specifications.

Streamline your data collection processes


Standardise Diverse OEM Data

Transform and standardize Data from Major OEMs into consistent, comparable models.

Setup reliable, robust and accurate data pipelines


Industry Leading Analysis

Enable analysis on models, standard equipment, options, pricing, future valuations and leasing packages.

Create API feeds for data and analysis


After Market Vehicle Data

AI driven car parts classification, labelling and databasing.

Drastically reduce manual processing of parts data

Maximising the potential of automation
Real time data

Real-time Data

Stay competitive with real-time updates on vehicle models, specifications, and pricing.


Language Standardisation

Automatically and accurately map diverse OEM terminology to your standard taxonomy.


Comprehensive Vehicle Data

Collect all types of NVD across cars, vans, HGVs and motorbikes; technical specifications, standard equipment, options and option relationships, pricing, leasing details etc.  Monitor and manage model years and model variants.


Parts Data

Collect and manage parts catalogues with systematic management of data sources ;  AI tools to extract and manage parts detail from catalogues reducing the manual efforts required in this area.


Downtime Vigilance

Systems to track the availability of newly published OEM content and releases.  Monitor scraper downtime for uninterrupted data collection.


AI-powered Labelling

Enhance the value of insights by accurately categorising vehicle features, parts and market trends.

Results through digital transformation
Multilingual proficiency

Enhanced accessibility and understanding of global markets with seamless navigation of multilingual sources.

Bespoke Tailored Data

Adapt data collection to meet your specific automotive requirements, regardless of website structure and data format.

Quality Assurance

Ensure high data accuracy for pricing, parts, and market analysis. Trust every data point.

Revolutionising New Vehicle Data Management for an Automotive Intelligence Giant

Reaping automotive insights with data 

Data reliability

Our maintenance package ensures uninterrupted data collection, analysis, and updates. 

Custom solutions

Address specific and complex automotive challenges with tailored solutions.

Maximise the value of automotive data

Visualisation tools for success

Our tool-agnostic abilities in data visualisation empowers insights across the pre- and post-sale automotive spectrum.


Automotive insights dashboard

Customise your dashboard for market trends, performance analysis, and parts inventory control.

A hybrid solution for automotive data processing at scale

This award-winning creator of automotive products needed millions of price points and specification details to be tracked for a large range of vehicles. 

The technical solutions implemented provided insights to help manufacturers and buyers make smarter automotive decisions related to a single vehicle or an entire fleet. 

To read the full case study and the solution to this challenge