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Intelligent Code Assignment for Automotive Intelligence

The Future of Automotive Component Management Powered with AI


Unveil our groundbreaking Intelligent Code Assignment System - an innovative solution meticulously designed, developed, and perfected.


Our unique code assignment system empowers you to effortlessly categorise various components within the automotive domain.


We provide a functional solution that generates one-of-a-kind codes based on images and text descriptions submitted by your customers.


Leveraging the capabilities of deep learning-based image analysis, historical data insights, and essential feature extraction, we establish relevant and dependable unique codes.


Quality control and rigorous testing are at the heart of our system, ensuring precision and accuracy, allowing you to confidently manage your automotive intelligence endeavours like never before.

Our Success Stories – Case Studies from Our Automotive Clients

An ML-powered Schema Matching Solution for Improving Automated Data Extraction and Mapping Efficiencies

This UK Automotive Intelligence Company providing insights and analytics to 100+ markets needed to map inconsistent data formats from varied sources to a standardised format. 

Costs were high due to the labour-intensive and time-consuming nature of data extraction, cleaning, annotation, and quality checks of parsed entries by SMEs.  

AI/NLP was implemented to process varied domain/industry-specific terminology at scale, resulting in a 60% reduction in SME effort, 85% accuracy and 90% increased efficiency.

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Revolutionising New Vehicle Data Management for an Automotive Intelligence Giant

This creator of award-winning automotive intelligence products that connects the global automotive industry, faces the challenges of collecting data from diverse sources, in varied formats, on a massive scale that experience continuous updates, perpetual data discrepancies and constant industry expansion.  

Our team of automotive data analysts work cohesively with custom built tech to handle 400k data points monthly, processing up to 1 million changes during model year transitions at an accuracy rate of 99%.

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Automated Payments Data and Lease Feature Collection Solutions

This globally compliant automotive intelligence company needed to scrape data from frequently updated, complex website structures.  

Merit developed custom high-volume scrapers tailored for diverse website structures, automating the collection of monthly payments data with efficient delta differencing. A comprehensive dashboard provided real-time insights and enabled issue management.  

Operational costs were reduced by 30%, decision-making efficiency increased by 25% and revenue increased by 15% in the first year.

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